Next telecon - Monday, 2 July 2001 (joing AU/ERT call)

Our next teleconference will be held Monday, 2 July 2001 at the regularly 
scheduled ERT WG time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time (14:00 UTC/GMT).  To find out 
what time it is in your time zone use the Time Zone Converter [1].

It will take place on the MIT bridge: +1 617.258.7910

Since it is the first of the month, members of the AU WG will join us 
(although it might be sparse since Monday is a holiday in Canada).

Agenda for Monday.
This is obviously more than we can cover in 1 1/2 hours. I would at least 
like to get through the first item.  Please let me know which other topics 
you would prefer to discuss.  Feel free to start threads on the list over 
the weekend.  I'll be sending along some proposals in the near future.

1. EARL abstract  for DIWG as requested by William last week [2]
2. Sean's XSLT for EARL to XHTML [3]
3. Next F2F meeting
4. AERT open issues [4]
5. Comparison chart of various tools, use of EARL [5]
6. Modifying WART to produce EARL of ATAG and WCAG evaluations [6]

Be well,

wendy a chisholm
world wide web consortium
web accessibility initiative
seattle, wa usa
tel: +1 206.706.5263

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