Re: Presenting EARL to humans

> Has anyone written a generic RDF to XHTML (that would follow
> the link to the RDF schema to fetch documentation on vocabulary
> for instance).

None that I know of, so I wrote one myself, attached as
<<rdfs2xhtml.xsl>>. Easily converted from [1], it's lacking some
features such as detecting anonymous nodes, and turning the URIs into
links, but it works well on simple schemata. Not sure how it would
handle nested nodes. Try using it on the EARL RDF Schema [2], and it
should produce the attached output <<0.95.html>>.

It only works directly on RDF Schemata, however, so it can't retrieve
links from a document and then parse them (e.g. by getting the values
of rdfs:isDefinedBy). Tools like that are probably some way off, but
you can do quite a bit with XSLT.


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Received on Friday, 22 June 2001 11:26:04 UTC