Re: New charter and home page


changing the name of the list is fine, so long as the archives are continuous
with the old ones - i.e. if  i go to the archive and search for something it
should be able to search all the ER IG archives at once (or potentially the
er-ig and er-wg ones...) I  ahven't completely thought this through, but I
guess you get the issue..



Wendy wrote:
  > Should we change the mailing list address to w3c-wai-er? All other WAI
  > groups have an e-mail address of that form (e.g., w3c-wai-ig, w3c-wai-gl),
  > but I'm not too concerned with that. It might cause more confusion than it
  > is worth.  Just a thought.
  > --wendy

Received on Thursday, 28 June 2001 10:17:47 UTC