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Thanks for getting the new charter together. It looks good but I have a few

The mission statement refers to the WCAG 1.0 only. Should we not be working
on the upcoming WCAG 2 as well?

I see no mention of EARL. Should this be part of the charter?

The charter refers to the AERT but it does not seem to be in our list of
deliverables. I think we're going to need an AERT for the WCAG 2. This
document is related to the GL and AU groups but I don't think either of
those groups will create it. Should we (ER) take it on again?

FTF meetings quarterly? Can we reduce that to every 6 months or even once
per year?

It's OK with me to change the name of the mailing list.

ATRC, University Of Toronto

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> Hello,
> Our new charter went into effect last week.  With this I am moving our
> page to:  Note that the IG and WG pages are
> redirected to this new page.
> Should we change the mailing list address to w3c-wai-er? All other WAI
> groups have an e-mail address of that form (e.g., w3c-wai-ig, w3c-wai-gl),
> but I'm not too concerned with that. It might cause more confusion than it
> is worth.  Just a thought.
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