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>Thanks for the more detailed list. A couple of these will require human
>evaluation too:
>> 1.5 P3 Verify that text links are provided for client-side image maps.
>The links may exist but is the link text valid?

Good point, although its a different checkpoint (13.1) to check for
meaningful link text so was thinking that 1.5 can be fully checked and 13.1
will catch validity.

>> 6.2.1 P1 Check the source of FRAME and IFRAME elements for
>>valid markup files
>Is the frame source file valid?

Was thinking that the source of the FRAME isn't an alternative
representation of a page so its sort of by definition valid since it will do
what the author intended for the frame.  The Techniques file for 6.2 is
4.10.4 which just states that the source should be HTML rather than
something inline like an image.  Seems we can claim fully automatic checking
of that since other checkpoints apply to the file contents itself.

Even so, thats at most 9 fully auto out of 80, 11% which is quite small
implying that interactive user responses are highly desirable!

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