Hi Chris,

Thanks for filling out the A-Prompt part of the checklist

As usual, actually applying the checklist brings up issues with the 
checklist and/or guidelines.

For example, you've got all the items under  the ALT text checkpoint 1.1 
marked as "fully automatic", and given the way ERT defines things that 
seems right.

But it takes a human doing a manual check to check if ALT text is really 
correct so we can't really say that any tool is fully automatic there.

We should add a message to do manual checks to ERT...which makes the 
technique partly automatic, but partly semiautomatic.   This would also 
require A-prompt to pop up a window for every image BTW.

Also, regarding 5.3, checking if layout tables make sense when linearized, 
which is classified as semi automatic.  How is A-Prompt handling that 
now?  E.g. does it linearize the table for the user so they can check it?

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Received on Tuesday, 2 May 2000 10:19:53 UTC