Re: Techniques 6.1.A and 3.3.A

This brings up a WCAG question.  WCAG says

>3.3 Use style sheets to control layout and presentation. [Priority 2]
>For example, use the CSS 'font' property instead of the HTML FONT element 
>to control font styles.

Obviously, one shouldn't use FONT in place of structural Markup like, 
e.g.,  H1.

But what accessibility problems are there using FONT in addition to 
structure, for example,

<H1> <font> ... </font> </H1>

This use of font is invisible to text based systems like Lynx.   Netscape, 
Internet explorer, and Opera all have settings to disable fonts... at least 
the current versions.  Perhaps some older versions don't have this... I 
don't know... but that at most would make it a priority 3.

Is there some other consideration I'm not thinking of?

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