RE: Technique 3.3.A - checking for style sheets

I agree with Wendy. 


On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:

  I think we need to check for all of them.  Some people may use a style 
  sheet for some things and FONT for others.  Therefore, going through all of 
  the checks seems appropriate.
  At 05:24 PM 2/22/00 , Michael Cooper wrote:
  >No, I wasn't suggesting we remove the evaluation to check for inline or
  >external stylesheets. My interpretation of the technique is that we check
  >for the presence of stylesheets (first evaluation point); if we don't find
  >them, but we do find elements that should be replaced by stylesheets
  >(remaining evaluation points, such as fonts, tables, etc.), then we trigger
  >this technique. Is that how everyone else reads it? Maybe the wording could
  >be cleared up a little bit if so.

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