Re: MIME types

Not ECMA/JavaScript, but Java that is used to create applets.

the default seems to be, "application/octet-stream."


At 11:58 AM 2/23/00 , Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
>aloha, wendy!
>you wrote, quote:
>We had assumed that we could identify which OBJECT elements included 
>programmatic objects by looking at the "type" or "codetype" 
>attribute.  However, there is not a type defined for Java or Flash in the 
>current list of MIME types [2]. I had expected to find a subcategory of 
>application for Java and flash.
>don't mime types need to be registered via IANA
>there is an online MIME type registration form located at:
>but i seriously doubt if we could register Flash and ECMAScript 
>unilaterally...  obviously, macromedia needs to be prodded to register 
>flash and shockwave, and something needs to be done about 
>JavaScript/ECMASript, too...  if so, would the HTML WG/CG be the 
>appropriate persons to liaison?
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