Re: Which elements trigger a user notification to translate an element or object into a markup language?

what markup language should APPLETs be converted to?

I'm not sure how to fit it into the repair:
The user notification will be generated for each document.Help authors 
convert decorative ascii art in PRE elements to SVG or an image format.

Help authors convert ascii art represeting tables of data in PRE elements 
to TABLE elements.

Help authors convert images (IMG or OBJECT) used to format text to 
XHTML/XML with style sheets.

Help authors convert images (IMG or OBJECT) used to format mathematical 
equations to MathML.


At 04:05 PM 2/17/00 , Leonard R. Kasday wrote:
>That looks good to me.  I'd just add the (deprecated but widely used) APPLET.
>At 01:55 PM 2/17/00 -0500, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>>Therefore, I think I disagree that all elements in the BODY element 
>>should generate this warning.  I think it should be limited to:
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