action items from last week (14 February 2000)

Could people report on their action items from last week's meeting (minutes 
located at  These are 
the ones that I am not sure about:

WC find what WCAG says - need extra file or not? pretty sure a recent 
discussion, if so post to ER. if not, send to WCAG.

MC propose wording for change to ERT to check for audio on SCRIPT, EMBED, 
APPLET, and OBJECT elements.

LK go through document, pick out sections where a probe would apply. 
Propose a blurb to put in each one.

Open from the previous week:

LK take quesiton to WCAG wg - "alt or text content of applet. if text in 
applet, also need 'alt'"

MC dig up something about identifying tracks in quicktime.

WC dig up info on tracks in SMIL.

WC look into Flash to determine if can identify various tracks.

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