Re: New technique: Check TABLE elements for valid CAPTION element (Technique 5.5.2 )

If you have a layout table you don't want to have a caption that is rendered.
Is summary enough in this case or do we need to have a display: none for
the caption in the stylesheet or what?


At 05:52 PM 2/18/00 -0500, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>Related to the previous message (technique 5.5.1 Check for a valid summary 
>attribute, in response to Len's comments from [1] about 21 december version 
>[2]), the WCAG group concluded that 5.5 applied also to the CAPTION 
>element. Their conclusion was incorporated into the 11 February HTML 
>Techniques for WCAG document 
>I propose:
>Technique 5.5.2 [priority 3] Check TABLE elements for valid CAPTION element
>Discussion Status:
>under discussion
>Verify that the TABLE element should have a valid CAPTION element.
>Example of a message to be displayed:
>  This TABLE does not have a CAPTION: A table caption describes the nature 
>of the table in one to three sentences. For example, "Cups of coffee 
>consumed by each senator."
>Repair Technique:
>Allow the author to enter a CAPTION.
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