relative units of measure (Technique 3.4.1 [priority 2] Check document for relative units of measure.)

Len, for the following checkpoint:

| Technique 3.4.A [priority 2] Check document for relative or absolute units.
| * This element uses absolute units of measure rather than relative units
| of measure.
| Repair Technique:
| * Allow user to change the units of measure.

you asked:
LRK:: what if the absolute units are in a style sheet?

Style sheets should also use relative units of measure.  Even if someone is 
making use of the absolute positioning techniques of css2 it does not mean 
that they have to use absolute units of measure.  it's preferred that 
relative units of measure are used for all positioning and font sizing.

as noted in the revision of 3.4.1, the only exception is the height and 
width of images since images could distort if relative units are used.

an example of absolute positioning with relative units of measure:
#menuBar {
         position: absolute;
         left: 0em;
         top: 5em;
         width: 100%;
         height: 2em;
         border: .5em solid rgb(50%,75%,100%);
         background-color: rgb(50%,75%,100%);
         layer-background-color: rgb(50%,75%,100%)}

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