Review of Delorie Lynx Viewer

Here's my review of The Delorie Lynx viewer which will appear shortly on 
the existing tools page.  I added my initials at the end so people know who 
reviewed what and can send comments to that person.  I'll make it an email 
link in the actual page.


Delorie Lynx     viewer.Shows how a page will look in Lynx.  If you click 
on links in the resulting page, they will also be filtered through Lynx 
viewer. It also handles frames like Lynx. Perl Source code is included if 
you want to make improvements.  However, as of the date of this review 
(2/17/2000), it omits a key feature of Lynx.  In Lynx, if you click on an 
image map, you get a menu consisting of the ALT tags of the areas (or the 
URL's if ALT tags are missing) (LRK)
Leonard R. Kasday, Ph.D.
Institute on Disabilities/UAP, and
Department of Electrical Engineering
Temple University
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Received on Thursday, 17 February 2000 16:50:55 UTC