minutes posted, home page updated, list of action items


I have posted the minutes from today's call: 

I have also updated the home page to link to the minutes from last week's 
meeting (which we realized that I had forgotten to do - oops), as well as 
the minutes from today's.

As always, please send me corrections and omissions.

Note the long list of action items, excerpted here for your enjoyment <grin>:

LK take title questions for ERT and existing tools document to list for 

WC find what WCAG says re: text equivalents for audio - need extra file or 
not? pretty sure a recent discussion, if so post to ER. if not, send to WCAG.

MC propose wording for change to ERT to check for audio on SCRIPT, EMBED, 
APPLET, and OBJECT elements.

LK go through document, pick out sections where a header probe would apply. 
Propose a blurb to put in each one.

GR see which techniques this applies to and propose wording for change to ERT.

WC edit ERT to make it clear that if client-side map and server-side 
provided then don't need to invoke the "don't use server-side map" check.

MC dig up something about identifying tracks in quicktime.

WC dig up info on tracks in SMIL.

WC look into Flash to determine if can identify various tracks.

WC update ERT to reflect resolution: basic check is to ask the author, when 
feasible check programmatically.

Plus, there are still a few open from last week:
LK send note today to EO to ask hold off on review of ERT until we send 
them the "all clear."
WC once publish next draft (that takes into account the clean up of review 
from Michael's and Len's comments), send EO note to let them know a stable 
draft is available.
WC include the NBA wording in the technique about longdesc.
LK take quesiton to WCAG wg - "alt or text content of applet. if text in 
applet, also need 'alt'"
(WC incorporate into ERT) Resolved:("valid londesc") it is desirable for 
the tool to follow links, whether interal or external, recursively apply 
guidelines to whatever depth the author wants. Longdesc is automatic.

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