Title of "Existing Evaluation and Repair Tools" page

The page


now has the title

"Existing Evaluation and Repair Tools"

Here's comments from EO on that title, as recorded in Gregory's summary


>JB: another problem is the name of the document -- why
>"Existing"; what would be a better title to make someone
>realize what the resource is -- that it is a list of "Tools
>for Evaluation and Repair of Web Pages"?
>SS: I also have a naming issue -- what a lot of these tools
>do is simply testing for accessibility -- a much more simple
>process than evaluation and repair!
>JB: could it be confused with usability testing? validation
>would be more specific
>SS: then perhaps a definition is needed
>HB: current title is not only misleading, it is vague --
>Existing Evaluation and Repair Tools -- tools for what?

end of quote
Do folks have a suggestion for a new name?  Judy's suggestion was

"Tools for Evaluation and Repair of Web Pages"?

Here's another suggestion

"Tools for testing and improving the accessibility of web pages"


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