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At 2000-01-26 18:22-0500, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>Based on Michael's suggestion, I modified technique 3.2 to read:
>Technique 3.2.A [priority 2] Check document for public text identifier
>Discussion Status:
>awaiting discussion
>The document must contain a valid HTML or XHTML public text identifier if 
>it is an HTML or XHTML document.  If a text identifier is not the first 
>line of the document, refuse to evaluate the document.
>A <a href="">list of public text 
>identifiers</a> is available from the W3C.

That catalog needs updating: nothing on XHTML yet.

There are other valid sources for registering XML applications. Both BizTalk
and OASIS are developing such catalogs for valid applications (of HTML,
XML, and possibly SGML). Should we have a reference to those sources as well?

>The document is an HTML document if there is an HTML element near the 
>start of the document and there is an HTML end element as the last 
>non-whitespace text in the document.

That is a presumption, the <html>...</html> wrapper could be placed around
most anything. The current browsers attempt to make sense of anything.
What is inside needs to be validated to the purported html
version. This checkpoint addresses the presence of a public text
identifier that is valid. It is stronger than that sentence suggests.

>Example Language:
>Missing language identifier for this document.
>Repair Technique:
>Prompt the user for a public text identifier.
>Test Files and Discussion Files:
>Link to test file for this technique.
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