New technique: Technique 13.6.1 [Priority 3] Verify if links should be grouped. (thread was: Re: 13.6 trigger number)

based on the discussion, how about this:
Technique 13.6.1 [Priority 3] Verify if links should be grouped.
Discussion Status:
awaiting discussion
Check for lists of links: Several A elements separated only by spaces, 
bullets, or a few characters such as "] [" or " | ".
Check for groups of links: grouped with DIV, P, MAP.
Example Language:
Repair Technique:
Ask the user if an identified list of links should be grouped.
If the user wants to group the links, use a MAP element (@@still 
outstanding issues in WCAG w/this technique?)
Suggest that the user provide a link to bypass the group or that they move 
the group to the bottom of the page or that they use a high "tabindex" 
attribute value.
At 05:09 PM 1/30/00 , Leonard R. Kasday wrote:
>Since the checkpoint refers to "bypassing the group" this seems to refer 
>to a set of links all together. So the number would apply to the group, 
>not the whole page.
>The simplest case is just a series of links separated only by white space, 
>formatting, a single character (e.g. a pipe symbol), or an image that's 
>the same (e.g. a graphical bullet).  I'd suggest checking that case.
>A more complicated case is one where each link is followed by some 
>description. and it all follows a pattern, like
>   description
>   description
>If the author used a description list this is easy.  Otherwise, it would 
>take a bit of pattern recognition to see the repetition.
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