Re: Next steps

I think an important next step is to develop some materials to support
testing conformance.

This relates closely to the "matrix issue" - a start is to look at the
checkpoints and describe how to perform a simple test.

In some cases, such as 2.3 (inform the author when their document is not
valid) this is a very short procedure for a rough test, but for some of the
relative priority checkpoints we will need to develop a matrix of tests. For

HTML tool:
 WCAG 1.1: Add an image to the document. Can you add an alt attribute and
link a lng description through the longdesc attribute?
 WCAG 1.2: Provide redundant links for image-maps is an author
responsibility. Can you create text links?
 WCAG 1.3: Add a video to the document. Can you link an audio description?

Image authoring tool:
 WCAG 1.1: Can you add alternative text to the image, or link it to the
image? (cmn: This is possible in almost every image format used today, but
not yet widely suppotred by authoring tools)
 WCAG 1.2: Not Applicable (CMN or is this a dependency on WCAG 1.1?)
 WCAG 1.3: Not applicable (CMN same question)

Video/multimedia editing tool:
 WCAG 1.1: Can you provide a text equivalent for the video presentation?
 WCAG 1.2: Where the tool allows the creation of links from video, can you
provide text links as well?
 WCAG 1.3: Can you add or link an auditory description?


I would like to discuss how we approach this (and what the relationship is
with the ER group) at the next teleconference

Charles McCN

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Jutta Treviranus wrote:

  Despite our recent impressive achievement, now is not the time to rest on
  our laurels (grin).
  We are chartered to work on a revision of the techniques document, and to
  track implementation experience and produce a report on what we think has to
  happen next.
  Since CSUN is not far away, it is probably time to start getting back into
  the techniques in earnest, so send along those ideas that have been stewing
  at the back of your minds for the last few weeks.
  We would also like to resume the weekly teleconferences at 4:00 pm EST
  starting Wed. Feb. 16. Is this time still available for everyone?

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