RE: use of meta data to keep track of checks by tools

Is it really appropriate that it be the responsibility of whoever (wherever)
is *hosting* the tool have the responsibility of tracking each file/site
that has been checked/repaired?  Does the W3C Validator keep a log of who
uses it and if they passed or not what errors they had and did they visit

I am not sure that cookies would be a good mechanism for this either.

The ability to address this feature *is* very important.  IMHO, the lack of
this option severely limits the utility of Bobby.  Probably the way a
Bobby-like program should work is with a command line option to dismiss
certain tests/checks that the page *author* is sure have been addressed.

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> This has not been discussed as requiring any resolution in the AUWG. The
> benefits mentioned are valuable, particularly the ability to generateWCAG
> conformance evaluation semi-automagically at least. In the context of
> Authoring Tool Guidelines this woul fall under the rubric of
> techniques for
> checking for accessibility, in particular across sessions.
> Charles McCN
> On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>   Hello,
>   On the ER IG/WG call today we discussed how to prevent an author from
>   receiving warnings for manual checks between sessions if the author has
>   already performed the manual check.  If a tool maintained
> results in meta
>   data for each file (or site) that is checked/repaired by a tool
> this would
>   be useful for a number of reasons:
>   1. generating conformance claims to WCAG
>   2. keeping track of what the user has yet to fix or has  fixed and thus
>   reducing the numbers of repeat alerts they may get for a
> particular element.
>   Have these issues been discussed in this group?  If so, please
> point us to
>   the resolutions.
>   thanks,
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