Re: URGENT: title and short name for ER WG working draft

At 2000-04-21 10:18-0400, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>In trying to get the ERT published as a public working draft as issue has 
>come up with the title and the short name.
>I had proposed that the short name (the unique URI identifier) for this 
>document be "ERT" as that is what we have been calling it within the 
>group.  However, other W3C folks felt that the short name needs to reflect 
>the title of the document.
>Currently, the title is, "Techniques For Evaluation And Implementation Of 
>Web Content Accessibility Guidelines"  which is a real mouthful...
>The proposal is that we change the title to something along the lines of:
>main title: "Techniques for Evaluation and Repair Tools"

Title needs Accessibility in it, as otherwise it might apply to many W3C
technical recommendations. Suggest: "Techniques for Accessibility Evaluation
and Repair Tools."

>subtitle: "for conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines"
>thoughts? if we get this settled today it can still be published as a 
>public working draft this evening otherwise we wait until next week.
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