Re: WAI Report active


Thanks for the form.

It's very handy for the email to have links to point to the guidelines.

Here's some other comments


- insert http:// if absent... or just prepopulate the form with http://

- lynx 2.8 missing from browser list

- not clear what to do to enter "other browser" since first checkbox winds
up labeled "irrelevant".

- on second page "has been found to have to one or more accessibily problems."
  typo (accessibily)

more significant:

- need room for comments (the spot for "other" doesn't seem appropriate"

- list of possible problems is rather long.  Would help to group the items

- You suggest we don't want it to actually go to webmaster at this point,
but it filled in the author field so it looks like it's going there.  I'd
suggest disabling that feature for now in case we fail to change it.

- In a screen reader the (?) links will not be heard if punctuation is
turned off.  Change to some word, e.g. "help".  Or, better yet, use image
of ? with alt text.  Hmmm.  Should it be "help for X" (where X = alt text,
color, etc) to make link comprehensible when read alone or just "help" to
avoid redundancy.

out of left field:

- this page constructs horizontal separator bars by coloring a table cell.
This separator is needed to help user perceive grouping.  Not clear where
to put this problem.  It isn't really "poor color scheme".  Actually, this
isn't in the guidelines as far as I can see either; e.g. it isn't really
"don't rely on color alone" either.  Will need to contact GL.   Well,
there's always "other".

One moral here is that no set of guidelines can ever match just trying out
the page with lynx, a screenreader, or, better yet, a bunch of access methods.


At 11:51 AM 7/10/99 +0200, Daniel Dardailler wrote:
>You can start playing with the WAI Report Form at 
>You can view reports that other have filled at 
>I suggest we have a beta test period of the system where people use dummy
>or empty webmaster email (that do not go anywhere), until we declare
>it stable.
>Send your comments on the form to the list
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