Re: WAI Report active

[only following up on ER]

Thanks for the review Len.

> - insert http:// if absent... or just prepopulate the form with http://

I don't like text field with http:// added by default, as I (as a user
on the web) have to remove it all the time when I do a copy/paste from
my browser (which already has it)

but yes I could add http:// if not present.

> - lynx 2.8 missing from browser list

yes, the list needs rework, it is still the original from the early
draft, I also want to add more subjective rating entries (for physical 
and cognitive)

> - not clear what to do to enter "other browser" since first checkbox winds
> up labeled "irrelevant".

I could change "Irrevelant" to "Pick one" for a better UI ?
As soon as you enter text in the "Other Browser" text field, it
overrides the menu choice.

> - on second page "has been found to have to one or more accessibily problems."
>   typo (accessibily)

> - need room for comments (the spot for "other" doesn't seem appropriate"

one of the original idea behind the form was not to make it a free
form letter going thru w3c to the webmaster (liability issue: people
being rude, etc)

that explains this limit to a short comment (not a solution to this
issue I know)

other idea ?

we could make 2 lines and see if we have problem when it's being used

we could label it "Personal comments" in the email sent.
> - list of possible problems is rather long.  Would help to group the items

I'm not sure.
what do others think ?
> - In a screen reader the (?) links will not be heard if punctuation is
> turned off.  Change to some word, e.g. "help".  Or, better yet, use image
> of ? with alt text.  Hmmm.  Should it be "help for X" (where X = alt text,
> color, etc) to make link comprehensible when read alone or just "help" to
> avoid redundancy.

image + alt looks good, or just help
> out of left field:
> - this page constructs horizontal separator bars by coloring a table cell.
> This separator is needed to help user perceive grouping.  Not clear where
> to put this problem.  It isn't really "poor color scheme".  Actually, this
> isn't in the guidelines as far as I can see either; e.g. it isn't really
> "don't rely on color alone" either.  Will need to contact GL.   Well,
> there's always "other".

yes, I don't pretend to cover all the checkpoints.

this is just an initial list, as we go, we'll revise the list to
include more of what the "others" come to be
> At 11:51 AM 7/10/99 +0200, Daniel Dardailler wrote:
> >
> >You can start playing with the WAI Report Form at 
> >
> >
> >You can view reports that other have filled at 
> >
> >
> >
> >I suggest we have a beta test period of the system where people use dummy
> >or empty webmaster email (that do not go anywhere), until we declare
> >it stable.
> >
> >Send your comments on the form to the list

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