Re: comment on report form


In Sophia, we talked a lot about how to network people who are doing
reviews.  Sounds like your ideas on this would be very helpful.

Do a string search for "what to do" for a thumbnail view of the discussion.


--At 12:26 PM 8/23/99 -0500, wrote:
>Another comment I have is to "add" to the form a check box on whether or
not I
>want the web site added to the "database" .  The reason is I'm testing the
>of the tool and may be evaluating a bogus site, and/or evaluating a real
>but really testing the tool and not doing a through eval of the site.  I
am also
>doing real evals of some sites and would want them added to the database even
>though the tool is in beta...
>Phill Jenkins

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