Re: Combine Bobby hats

>3. Provide a back-pointer from (any of) the problems of that kind 
>(or the set of them) back to the hat location in the document.

yes. As for how to implement the back pointer...

First of all an anchor of course.

There's a problem with anchors that they will not jump to the top of the
page if there's insufficient page left.  You could hit this problem with a
very small page, especially if the tested page is short.  One workaround it
to put a tranparent bar 1000 pixels high at the bottom.

Also, what if there's more than one hat per line?

That problem could be handled by simply numbering the hats consecutively
and having corresponding numbers on the error messaages.  This would also
be useful for printing and pretty foolproof for screen readers, especially
if the numbering were done like  bb1  bb2  bb3  ... so you could search for

If you want to get cuter you could use javascript to make a hat light up
when you clicked on the guidelines, using a simple image replacement trick
for onMouseClick.  (I've got an example of using image replacement for
onMouseOver at  .

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