Combine Bobby hats

I personally find the current hat collection distracting and 
uninformative, if more than a handful. Many commercial sites have hundreds. This is what I heard discussed today, as I summarize it, and
reflect on it.

1. Put at most one hat per problem kind in a particular place,
augmented by some indicator of kind. Add the count of that kind
so collapsed if more than 1. 
    For example, could label each summary hat with 
        x.y where 
            x is guideline, 
            y is checkpoint thereunder, or 
        x.y:z where 
            z indicates how many, more than one at this place.

Alt text string could show that info.

2. Following the link from such a hat would highlight all z of those 
x.y problems at that location (they are reported in order). Is there
any need to show the distinguished set in the problem list?

3. Provide a back-pointer from (any of) the problems of that kind 
(or the set of them) back to the hat location in the document.


Received on Friday, 23 April 1999 14:53:47 UTC