Re: remembering ALTs that go with [SRC] URLs

At 09:10 AM 12/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>For version 1 of the A-Prompt we won't be able to implement the XML idea you
>suggested. We've already got our simple text file working. Perhaps for
>version 2??

No problem, here.

Information content requirements (including unique or not-unique rules)
should come from the application scenarios, i.e. ER-IG consensus.  These
are still under discussion IIRC.  See thread David started on does the user
mode ever involve multiple choices?

Data format details (XML-ish or not) should be decided by the specific
toolsmiths that have signed up to interface their tools to a given data
object [or WG consensus if there are enough of them].  So far this is you
and Michael.


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