Re: lynx-dev try again through table munger (and related verbs)

We're close to having our table linearizer script running, so I'm
interested in trying this out with lynx.

> >   tableparsedhttp_proxy=lynxcgi://localhost/mybindir/
> >   export tableparsedhttp_proxy
> >
> >Of course LYNXCGI has to be enabled to do this.

OK I will recompile my lynx with lynxcgi on.

> >Now the task left consists of
> >   - finding (or writing) a table parsing/formatting script
> >   - writing to
> >     (a) figure out the URL of the requested document from CGI environment
> >         variables passed to it.  This will need some experimentation.
> >     (b) GET the requested http: URL.  This could be done using wget etc.
> >         or using lynx itself (with -source, or maybe with -mime_header).
> >     (c) Run table parsing/formatting script on the html text.
> >     (d) Write CGI headers (Content-type: etc.) and result from (c) to

Is there an example of lynxcgi script available with the standard
distrib ? (I have 2-7-1)

Received on Tuesday, 15 December 1998 08:49:05 UTC