[Important] EOWG - Draft posting review needed from active EOWG participants

Greetings to all EOWG participants in good standing,

As you know, we've been working hard on a series of documents and tutorials, and we now have robust drafts of several new and revised deliverables. We would like to post these drafts online before TPAC, which starts 27 October.

Now it is *important that EOWG participants review the drafts* before we post them. Please look for anything that:
* Could be misinterpreted negatively.
* Could impact the credibility of the work.
* Needs to be addressed before the drafts are posted on the main WAI website.

To collect the important issues for these Drafts and to ask for EOWG's approval to post the Drafts, there are three surveys/questionnaires - which *all participants in good standing need to complete*. To see which documents are ready for your review and for links to the surveys, see:

Important notes:
* These will be marked "Draft" or "Beta" as we continue to work on them, and we will not announce them until they are more polished.
* Please focus your review on important issues and put those in the survey. If you also have time for wordsmithing-level review, please put any non-essential comments in the usual places (Github, wiki, e-mail).
* The Tutorials are each being reviewed by the WCAG WG for technical accuracy so you might not find any significant issues that have to be addressed before posting the drafts.
* The Tools have been reviewed by EOWG so you might not find any significant issues that have to be addressed before posting the betas.
* The Planning documents are the most sensitive at this point. Please review these thoughtfully.

Thank you for this last push before TPAC!
(after that, we'll shift gears to a more comfortable work mode :-)

~Shawn & Sharron

Received on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 21:06:30 UTC