Re: EOWG work this week & agenda

I am not sure why retrofitting is not an explicit issue in this 
document.  I know there was originally a planned document on improving 
accessibility, but generally people do not start with a new site.  
Actually the concept improving accessibility does not really apply with 
a zero accessibility site.

Whether you have an existing site or a new site, implementing 
accessibility should describe starting accessibility from where your 
are.  Regarding this there is the key issue of triage.  What do you fix 
and what do you let die.  How do you scope change? How do you establish 
a timeline? What sections are essential for people with disabilities? 
eg. The American Heart Association had an inaccessible page that 
described what to do if you thought you were having a heart attack. In 
large organizations this requires serious organizational discussion and 
qualitative data gathering and analysis.

These considerations may be sprinkled throughout: Goals, 
Responsibilities, Training, Life Cycle and Maintenance. This really 
feels like a start up site description, which is a 1% case.


Received on Friday, 29 August 2014 11:58:27 UTC