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there seems to be discussion of 'next' and 'previous' buttons in this thread. An piece of advice, which seems to go way back is "Don't break the back button" [on the Browser]. There seem to be, in existence, sites which adhere to this, and it is found that they are superior in terms of accessibility . Made terse, an 'previous' button may be superfluous, or if used, might simply invoke a JavaScript handler to return to the previous page?
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> On 8/26/2014 5:00 PM, Anna Belle Leiserson wrote:
> > Following up on Sharron's email to a different EO list (linked here:
> >,
> > I've been wading through the same set of articles. It's all so murky.
> > (BTW, this is in re. where to put next/previous buttons on the WCAG
> > EM Report Tool
> >
> > I agree with Sharron's logic.  And then using my gut and thinking
> > about a few big, popular commercial sites, I take it one step
> > further.... I wonder if the clearest thing might be having *only* a
> > Next button -- and align it on the left?  (In other words, axe the
> > Previous button.)
> >
> > If it's important to have easy access to previous step(s) on longer
> > pages, right beneath the solo Next button the top progress bar could
> > be replicated.
> .oO good idea. What about having only the progress bar (not a Next button)? It might not be very pretty, but it seems *very much to support usability*. :-) Maybe even tweak the design down there to make the next step look even more clickable?
> ~Shawn

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