Re: Need help with comment #10 (was Re: disposition of BAD comments)

Purely technically I guess that structures such as WAI-ARIA tabs and 
HTML5 menus offer better semantics than lists to represent such menu 
components. Firefox seems to support these but currently support on 
other browsers (and AT) is lagging behind and both are current draft 
specifications, making it effectively not viable for many websites.

I guess that currently you would need to either build in the work around 
that Eric described or choose not to support a non-complaint browser as 
we will probably need to do with BAD.


On 9.1.2012 13:05, Suzette Keith wrote:
> Hi
> I  am only a beginner and easily confused when it comes to creating a
> website - but the beginner texts all use 'ul' then 'li' to create menus.
> Does Firefox offer a better way to create a menu (list) with bullets
> removed?
> Suzette
> On 09/01/2012 11:05, "Eric Eggert"<>  wrote:
>> Hi Shadi,
>>>> Comment #10: (3) list items not exposed properly in Firefox [5]
>>>> Resolution: pending - looking into it
>>>> Rationale: cannot replicate the issue on my setup
>>>> [5]<>
>>> I'm not able to replicate this issue or find online resources about this
>>> apparent bug. It could be because the list structure contains<div>,
>>> <span>,
>>> and plain text nodes rather than only<li>  elements.
>>> Does anyone have more information about this issue?
>> This is a behavior that Firefox shows when the<li>  has no visible
>> bullet points. As I checked back with Marco Zehe of Mozilla it is a
>> desired behavior, as they claim that it isnıt a list if there are no
>> bullets. I donıt think thatıs a particularly good decision and I
>> wonder if it is against UAAG, being not familiar with that spec my
>> self.
>> There is nothing we can do at this point, besides hacking in
>> single-pixel-gifs as bullet points, but I think that would break other
>> things.
>> ~Eric
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