Re: Reminder: Call for Review: Before and After Demonstration (BAD)

1. Cannot determine / perceive  what changes when 'Show / Hide
Annotations' link is activated.
Only with sighted assistance, I found out that a section "Annotations"
gets added with several notes ... available just before footer links
in reading order.
2. I thought links for Overview, News, Tickets etc. to be navigation
menu but learnt they appear and are styled like tabs. Well their role
and state should be exposed.
  Say: Overview tab-  active, News tab, etc.
Else use aria landmark with aria-label for the UL
<ul role="navigation" aria-label="tab">
Then the links may be just Overview - active, News, Tickets, etc.
I do see "Current location"  before active tab link but
programatically associateing the state with the link is more
beneficial. So suffix "- active" (or selected) for the tab that is
selected. "-inactive" is not required and may even be be painful to
On activating one of these links focus should not go to page-top but
should be reset to the tab link that was activated  showing its new
3. These links are in a ul/li  ... exposed as a list in IE but not in
Firefox. I have seen this often. Something to do with the framework
that is used to generate the code I suspect.   (user agent issue)

4. "Jump to the beginning of the Overview page" link: I thought I was
indeed at the beginning! Or does it mean jumb to main content. The
page title is right above it so context is clear.... so I'd say Jump
or Skip to main content is straight forward.
And 'skip' is consistent with 'skip to navigation' too.
Sailesh Panchang
Deque Systems

Received on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 17:56:55 UTC