ARB - restructuring tables from Level to POUR

  Hi all,

Based on today's EOWG discussion, I have restructured the high-level Analysis table at:

* I added in the "handles" (short descriptions). I think this is important for those who don't have all the SC memorized. :-) I know it adds to the length, but I think it's worth it to make it more useful and usable for non-WCAG geeks.
* I basically put them in numerical order; however, I grouped related SC, which means 3.3.6 is after 3.3.4 since they are both Error Prevention, and 3.3.5 is at the end. Maybe we want to do even more to group those SC at different levels that have this relationship (e.g,. the colour contrast ones)
* I added an extra   after the commas to separate the items -- otherwise the 's were too close to the next numbers and there was a proximity association issue. (oh, also, these should probably be marked up as lists with CSS to make inline...)
* Of course, feel free to change any of it.

* When there are no SC for a principle, should we include it with "none" as in this iteration[1]? or just leave out that row? One idea is to leave out of these tables, since they are include in the details (e.g., )
* Preference for having the As in parenthesis (as in the Understandable row in this iteration)? Or not, as in the Operable row in this iteration?[1]

(I leave it to Sharron's bench or others to do the other tables, including the one at the top. :-)


[1] this iteration in history:

Received on Friday, 4 May 2012 20:02:53 UTC