Re: Updating policies [was: EOWG: Prepare for 5 August teleconference]

Hello Shawn and all,
Some comments on:
* Public document: Submitting Updates to Policies Relating to Web 
Accessibility* Internal 
document: Planning Updates to Policies Relating to Web Accessibility

SD:  In the list following the paragraph requiring to send as much 
information as possible, fourth bullet: "Title of document in English 
and other language(s)".
This bullet should clarify if the person who is updating has to provide 
a title of the document in English if it is available or if he/she 
should translate this title into English so that more people can 
understand what the document is about.
For this bullet and the following, may be you could write: "if available".
2. I don't understand why you write after the few instructions and 
before "Additional Notes on Format and Content":
"You don't need to read any more of this page to submit updates".
the information below that is important  to have an update with good 
SLH writes:
> [...] A little thing: I started Cliff's action item on filling message 
> content with the e-mail link. Here are two options for how to include 
> the line breaks: 
> I didn't 
> do much research on it -- Let me know if one is better than the other, 
> or if there's a different way to do it better.
SD: I don't understand what this is, both looks the same for me. Or is 
there a difference  when you click on the link to send the e-mail?

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