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Hi Shadi, everyone,

As discussed on the EO's call this morning, I will also test the functionality with a colleague (Samuel) here at the office and get back to you.


On 2011-07-29, at 6:08 AM, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:

> Hello Shadi and all,
> This new approach is interesting.
> I have started testing the example you have linked. I don't understand for now how all works as it seems to be conflicts between the use of shortcuts  in this specific case,  the shortcuts used in Firefox and the shortcuts that work with the assistive technology I use.
> As you said, it is another way of using shortcuts that some users may not know. But if it happens to work, it could be useful to explain somewhere how to use the expandable menu and the shortcuts in it.
> I will test this more with one colleague and tell you soon what we found.
> Best
> Sylvie
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> Le 29/07/2011 08:52, Shadi Abou-Zahra a écrit :
>> Dear Group,
>> Mandana Eibegger (CC'ed) has joined the group to help me with the expand/collapse functionality.
>> One of the things she is suggesting is to use the WAI-ARIA accordion widget [1] rather than the current approach with buttons [2].
>> [1] <>
>> [2] <>
>> One of the implications is that the accordion widget has a different set of keyboard shortcuts than the current approach. While keyboard users should be accustomed to these shortcuts from similar desktop widgets, it is still something quite new for many web users.
>> Here is an example with an implementation of the WAI-ARIA accordion:
>> - <>
>> Question for the group, in particular for the keyboard users: how well does this example WAI-ARIA implementation work for you?
>> Best,
>>  Shadi

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