Re: Comments on how pwd suite, page "accessibility requirements"

Hi Sylvie,

Thank you for your comments. Some initial responses below:

On 02.09.2010 15:57, Sylvie Duchateau wrote:
> Hello all,
> Here are some comments on the page: accessibility requirements at:
> 1. First a small typo that occurs several times on the page: neccessary
> instead of necessary.


> 2. On the page there is a phrase "main content" without any strucutre.
> Is it intended to remain visible or to have an h2?


> 3. In general, section titles:
> Related sections is not very clear. It does not show that the related
> sections are the other linked documents from the how PWD suite.
> Suggestions: either write a more explicit title.
> Or explain in the introduction that the page contains explanations about
> the WAI technical specifications, related sections in the suite with
> links to scenarios of Web users, accessibility barriers, and Web
> browsing methods.

Yes, this is an issue. Let's discuss with the rest of the group during 
tomorrow's call.

> 4. In section "text alternatives", "related sections", "Web browsing
> methods", may be the use of text alternatives for speeh input software
> could be indicated.

Added to the provisional list as suggested (the list will be finalized 
when the web browsing methods page is completed). I've also taken a pass 
at mentioning it in the text above.

> 5. In section "Users have enough time to read and use the content", part
> "related section/acccessibility barriers" I would add visual disability
> as it takes them also more time to interact with content.

Let's discuss this one tomorrow too. I would argue that when websites 
are well designed, people with visual disabilities do not necessarily 
need more time to interact with them. Not sure though.

> That is all for this page which sounds clear.

Thank you.


> Best
> Sylvie

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