Re: Making Presentations Accessible [Review Draft]

On 24/03/2010 18:28, Shawn Henry wrote:

> If we were to cover in-person "training" how much would it expand the
> document?

Substantially, I think.

>> Use an easy to read font face.
>> Sans is not *always* easier to read than serif - too much of a
>> generalisation. Suggest mentioning a few commonly available fonts by
>> name instead.
> um - I wonder if that would be more complicated on our end. Maybe just
> saying "Use an easy-to-read font face. Avoid fancy fonts that are
> difficult to read." is enough given the scope of this document/page?

Yes, much better.

>> Caption or otherwise make available audio...
>> Well, if CART is not available then a transcript after the event would
>> be a good fallback.
> I meant the after-the-event stuff to be covered under "Providing
> recording afterwards". Maybe that point should be expanded?

Ah, OK

>> Preparing Handouts
>> Could mention font size, line length, line spacing, colours and
>> contrast. Mention different ways of presenting data - graphical,
>> tabulated, narrative description.
> Right. My first reaction is that would start down a slippery slope of
> scope creep. What do others think?

Heh, OK. Agreed.

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