For Review: Making Presentations Accessible [Rough Draft] - due 22 March


I have updated the analysis/requirements (including scope) and the draft document based on our EOWG teleconference discussion today.
* Analysis with scope, etc. is at:
* Latest draft is at:

Please review both of these for content, and the document for high-level issues. (It is still rough so no need to comment on the detailed copyediting level yet.) Make sure to refresh with your browser to get the latest version.

Here are some questions for your review and comment via e-mail:
* Is anything missing? Are their areas where we want to provide more specific or detailed guidance? (Keep in mind the limited scope and desire to keep it short.)
* Should anything be cut out to simplify and shorten the document?
* What do you think about the terminology options: Presentations, Talks, Meetings, Training, Sessions? (Note what is included in the scope and what is out of scope, at )
* What about the title? Should we have a short title with only one term, and then in the first sentence clarify that it applies to different situations, using more of the terms? See title ideas at
* What do you think about each editorial question throughout the draft document? They are highlighted green and surrounded by: [@@ question ?]

Please send comments to the EOWG list:
(If you are compelled to send copyedits or other things that don't need EOWG consideration, send them to the EO editors' list: )

When sending comments, please include the date and time of the document that your comments apply to. It is at the top after "Editor's Draft" in the format: $Date: 2010/03/12 13:23:59 $

Please send your comments in e-mail *by Monday 22 March*.


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W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
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