Replacing old Training pages - reply this week

EOWG participants,

We propose replacing the old training pages with the current drafts-in-progress. Please *let us know this week* if you object to this proposal, or need more time to consider it. Details are below. Feel free to call me if you need clarification.


We have significantly rewritten the "Training Resource Suite".
- New draft-in-progress starts here:
- Old, currently-published version starts here:

The new material is mostly complete and has been reviewed and discussed within EOWG and the WAI-AGE Task Force. The status of the 4 draft pages is:
1. Overview page - content complete, additional review and copyediting needed
2. Presentation Modules - content complete, additional review and copyediting needed
3. Example Presentations - content complete, additional review and copyediting needed
4. Example Training - expect to complete content this week, review and copyediting needed

Because the new material is so much better and updated than what is currently published, we would like to replace the old material with what we will have by the end of this week.
We *propose the following*:
* Replace the old Overview with the new Overview. Link to the new draft material at it's final URI (not /Drafts/).
* On the new draft material, leave "[Draft]" in the <title> and <h1>; leave the Editor's Draft note at the top in the green box (but update and simplify it).
* Do not announce these now, wait until after we have done more EOWG review and editing.



We will continue EOWG review and editing the pages. It is on the agenda[1] for this week.
*If you have comments*, please note:
1. Clearly indicate whether each comments is:
 - important to be addressed _before_ this draft replaces the old, or
 - can be addressed with the next edit
2. Send comments to the appropriate mailing list:
 - EOWG <> for significant issues and things that need discussion
 - EOWG editors <> for minor editorial comments that don't need discussion

Shawn, as EOWG Chair
Andrew & Shadi, as Training Resource Suite editors


Shawn Lawton Henry
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
phone: +1.617.395.7664

Received on Tuesday, 27 April 2010 16:52:26 UTC