Re: Add testimonials to Benefits of WCAG 2.0 slides?


We finally got this through the necessary approvals, and have added two quotes to the Benefits of WCAG 2.0 slides.

To find them, you can do an in-page search for: [quote
in either the HTML version
or presentation version

Comments on the placement of the quotes is welcome.

(Slide #8 (note #9) still has @@ in the notes, but as previously discussed we're not letting that hold it up.)


Shawn Henry wrote:
> EOWG & others,
> The Benefits of WCAG 2.0 presentation is now available from 
> (We are waiting a week or so to announce it so that WAI staff can work 
> on slide #8 "Cooperation with accessibility policies".)
> For your consideration: Do we want to add some quotes to the beginning 
> and/or ending. For example, below are some excerpts from the WCAG 2.0 
> testimonials <>.
> 1. WCAG 2.0 creates the foundation for a new level of standardization of 
> web accessibility around the world. Its practical and well documented 
> guidelines will allow web participants in many countries to evolve from 
> a disparate set of practices to a unified approach to web accessibility 
> for all.
>  Axel Leblois, Executive Director, G3ict, United Nation Global 
> Initiative for Inclusive ICTs
> 2. Microsoft applauds the good work that has been done by W3C to bring 
> WCAG in line with current Web technologies and provide a path to the 
> future. ...we encourage governments and organizations to adopt the new 
> standard as a best practice.... We believe that WCAG 2.0 is a great 
> improvement over the current standard and will give Web developers the 
> best opportunity to bring accessible content to all.
>  Michael Champion, Sr. Program Manager, Connected Systems 
> Interoperability, Microsoft Corporation
> 3. WCAG 2.0's technology-neutral guidelines supported by explanatory 
> material and techniques provide an excellent framework for enabling 
> accessibility in innovative technologies. We have already begun to 
> incorporate the WCAG 2.0 success criteria into our checklists and our 
> development processes.
>  Frances West, Director of Human Ability and Accessibility Center, IBM
> 4. Boeing is "grateful for the hard work towards increased harmonization 
> between the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and those from 
> other organizations-especially with regard to Section 508 of the 
> (American) Rehabilitation Act. We plan to rely upon WCAG 2.0 as we 
> continue to improve the accessibility of Boeing's Web sites and services."
>  David Weitz, Senior Manager, Corporate Web Team, Boeing
> 5. By giving clear technical specifications to website designers, and 
> unifying web-accessibility standards, WCAG 2.0 directly benefits users 
> who have accessibility needs due to disabilities. It represents a 
> crucial tool with which to build a better and more inclusive web.
>  Yannis Vardakastanis, President, European Disability Forum (EDF)
> 6. The Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) accessibility working group 
> ... working group worked with the WCAG Working Group since then to 
> develop an internationally harmonized guideline. As a result of this 
> successful collaboration, revision of JIS is in progress to be strictly 
> harmonized with WCAG 2.0. We encourage Web developers and managers to 
> study and implement this new standard, which will advance Web 
> accessibility to a new stage.
>  Prof. Takayuki Watanabe, Chair of Web content accessibility standards 
> Working Group, Information technology research and Standardization 
> Center of Japanese Standards Association
> 7. The finalization of WCAG 2.0 will provide a basis for updating Web 
> accessibility laws around the world to better support people with 
> disabilities using the interactive Web.
>  Roberto Scano, Project Manager and EMEA Coordinator, International 
> Webmasters Association / HTML Writers Guild International
> ---
> *Please reply with*:
> - Your thoughts on whether we want to add a quote or two to the 
> beginning, end, or elsewhere in the Benefits presentation.
> - Which quote(s) we should include.
> Thanks,
> ~Shawn
> Shawn Henry wrote:
>> EOWG,
>> I have updated the "Benefits of WCAG 2.0" slides based on feedback 
>> from today's teleconference[1]. See 
>> (For those who didn't see today's agenda: changes from the previous 
>> version are indicated in the Notes with ++changed.)
>> These slides are now done, except for slide 8. Sharron will be 
>> updating the HTML version next week. Therefore, if you have any 
>> comments, it would be nice to send them *by Wednesday 24 June*. 
>> Remember to send copyedits and things that do not require EOWG review 
>> to
>> Notes on image alt:[2]
>> - The decorative images have no/null alt in both the ppt and the html. 
>> They are noted in the Notes section.
>> - The logos have appropriate alt text.
>> - The color contrast screen capture's alt is "(screen capture 
>> described in Notes section)".
>> - The screen capture of the Quick Reference has no alt; "Quick 
>> Reference screen shot" is the heading of the slide (which is not 
>> displayed); and there is a detailed description of the image at the 
>> bottom of the Notes. This provides a detailed description without 
>> interrupting the flow on the slide text and main notes.
>> - Slide 15 (Techniques document) & 27 (Understanding document) have 
>> text in an image (because it matches the images used elsewhere, such 
>> as Currently they have no alt, 
>> and are described in detail at the bottom of the Notes. Putting the 
>> description there lets us use formatting such as bullets and italics, 
>> which would not be available in alt.
>> Comments welcome on this approach to alt for these images.
>> Thanks,
>> ~Shawn
>> [1] Changes on Friday 19 June:
>> * updated the alt for images
>> * moved the note to presenters about reading the slide text from slide 
>> 4 to slide 2
>> * added to the slide "Cooperation with other [@@standards and policies]":
>> Note to presenters: If there are policies that reference WCAG 2.0 or 
>> directly relate to WCAG 2.0 in the organization, country, or other 
>> area related to your audience, consider listing those on the slide and 
>> mentioning the relationship. To find out about local policies, you can:
>> - search in Policies Relating to Web Accessibility 
>> <>
>> - send an email to the WAI Interest Group (IG) mailing list 
>> <>
>> * added to the slide "Authorized Translations":
>> Note to presenters: If there are WCAG 2.0 translations in the 
>> languages of your audience, consider including the link to the 
>> translation(s) in the slide.
>> [2] Instructions for adding alt to images is in the ppt Help... 
>> however, I didn't figure out how to do it without the mouse. :(

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