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 Hello Shadi,

The page looks good. 

I am not sure the shortcut at the top is needed at all as the page is rather simple and so far one can see the bullet list of languages without scrolling. I would rather remove this shortcut alltogether or at least remove the links from the languages. Also I would change "Languages listed on this page" to something that better reflects that this is a current list of languages for which translation is or will be available.

Right now against each language there is a status of translation which is linked to some correspondence. Once translation is available, how are you planning to organize translations. Are you going to replace the current status with some other text that would be linked to translation?

Then if there are more than one translations for a given language, how are you going to arrange them?

Br, Anna

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>Dear EOWG,
>Thank you very much for the valuable input during Friday's 
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>all of your comments into an updated draft:
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>Please send further thoughts or comments to the mailing list. 
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