Re: null alt text

Thus the html5 wars continue! I wonder if you surveyed on the question:
"should alt="" disappear from our stuff? What I have found is that
screen-reader users vary on this, but IMO the avoidance of repetitious
voicings, etc. often cited as too much to bear should be dealt with in the
AT, not at the authoring tool level. It just shouldn't be allowed to omit
alt simply because JAWS is too dumb to be configured to handle this

What I've found is that those who actually use these systems aren't all that
bothered by much of the blather and MANY want to know if there's *something*
there, even if only to make intelligent comments being based on that


On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 11:11 AM, John Foliot <> wrote:

> It's 2009 for gosh sakes, and alt="" needs to simply disappear - if the
> image is important enough to put into a document *inline*, then it is
> important enough to have an @alt value. It's that simple (to me anyway)

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