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Hi Shawn,

Although I was not on the call last week...

El 16/06/2009, a las 17:49, Shawn Henry escribió:
> Hi Rachel,
> We are excited to see that you are recruiting for an Editorial Board  
> for eGov IG documents. I know a couple of people who might be  
> interested. However, I'm not sure of their availability to respond  
> by tomorrow. I hope it is OK if it takes a little longer for them to  
> respond.

I expect only eGov IG Members to be on the EB but happy to discuss IE  
status with anyone interested to join.

> RE: "Our first project is to polish the current Group Note, and the  
> deadline for completion is July 8."

We had a Chairs call two days ago and re-prioritize deliverables.
As I said before, I personally don't see the urgency of rewriting the  
Note. EB will work first on a short White Paper and Charter 2, then on  
the Note.

> It is very good news that you are continuing to edit the Note  
> "Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web"[1].  
> As you may recall, EOWG requested to review an edited version before  
> publication. May we suggest that you consider approaching it as more  
> than "polishing", as we think significant reorganization and editing  
> is needed.

We discussed about it being quite reworked, e.g. break it up in  
smaller documents.

> Is there a reason for an 8 July deadline? Given current schedules,  
> it seems unlikely that an edited version can be reviewed by the eGov  
> IG, EOWG, and others in that timeframe. We hope it is possible to  
> have a more flexible schedule for this version.

We all will need to find a "good enough" way to do this. It is  
expected eGov IG to produce several but way smaller deliverables in  
the future and produce those quite rapidly. Given that the Editorial  
Task Force (ETF) should get the content at least 2 weeks in advance,  
whatever review period we add after ETF review should be short (say  
1-2 weeks). Think of 1-2 pages documents released every couple weeks.  
This is still a moving target, though.

> We look forward to your continued work in this important area.

Thanks. Same here.

Additionally, I know Rachel is working on a "purpose document" that  
will be sent to the IG very soon.

-- Jose

> Regards,
> ~Shawn, EOWG Chair
> [1]
> -----
> Shawn Lawton Henry
> W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
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> phone: +1.617.395.7664
> about:
> ===============
> eGov IG members,
> As you know, the W3C eGov IG is a bit different from other W3C  
> groups, in that the work we do is intended to reach both technical  
> and non-technical audiences.  One of our goals is to serve as a  
> bridge between these two groups, so the non-technical people can  
> understand the importance of the technical standards developed by  
> the W3C, and act upon them accordingly.
> To help bridge that gap, at today's meeting it was decided that we  
> would establish an Editorial Board.  The goals of the Editorial  
> Board are to:
> - ensure each document published by our Group is written in language  
> tailored to the intended audience;
> - edit for clarity the documents that our Group publishes; and
> - develop/polish a Plain Language "executive summary" for each  
> document.
>> From this point forward, anything the Group intends to publish will  
>> first go to the Editorial Board for review and editing before it is  
>> submitted for publication.
> Our first project is to polish the current Group Note, and the  
> deadline for completion is July 8.  If you are an experienced writer/ 
> editor, we need your help!
> If you would like to be a part of the Editorial Board, please  
> contact me by next Wednesday, June 17 at< 
> >.
> Thanks!
> -Rachel
> Rachel Flagg
> Web Content Manager
>  and Co-Chair, Federal Web Managers Council
> Government Web Best Practices Team (on detail)
> Office of Citizen Services
> U.S. General Services Administration

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