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Slides on Aging: Comments

From: Wayne Dick <wed@csulb.edu>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 21:20:33 -0700
Message-ID: <4A308611.5040501@csulb.edu>
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•  WAI-AGE slide set (9 June 
a.Overall impressions?
---The difference between and 
link between accessibility and 
adaptive strategy/assistive 
technology is unclear. 
Suggestion: Add the following 
  bullet to the slide 
“Additional Observations” 
after the bullet on lack of 
technical knowledge
• Many imply adaptation must 
be is part of web content
--- Demographics slides - 
graph vs. table vs. both?
--Both work … I think for many 
people, even among people 
without disabilities some 
prefer graphics and others 
prefer text.
c. Impairment slides - does 
putting impact & statistics on 
the same slide work? (Was 
previously organized as 
separate slides for impacts 
and for statistics.
--- Yes the impact and 
statistics go well together.
b. In the notes for Vision 
Loss define, “Significant 
sight loss in the UK is 
estimated using <6/18 as a 
measure of visual acuity”. 
Should this be <=6/18? Should 
you include the phrase 
‘uncorrectable’? What about 
reduced visual arc bigger than 
legal blindness?
d. Does the Implications slide 
work as a transition from the 
preceding background to the 
remaining slides about the 
project and its findings?
--- Perhaps change “lifelong 
learning is encouraged” to 
“…expected”.  That motivates 
the “Web accessibility is 
imperative” claim.
e. Any suggestions for clearer 
slide headings?
--- The headings work for me.
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