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Re: JB comments on EOWG's draft comments on eGov draft

From: Shawn Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 19:07:46 -0500
Message-ID: <49F102D2.8050706@w3.org>
To: Sharron Rush <sharronrush@hotmail.com>
CC: EOWG <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Hi Sharron,

I made some quick changes to address this. We can talk about it at the EOWG telecon...


Judy Brewer wrote:
> Hi Sharron, Shawn, & EOWG
> Thanks for pulling together these draft comments on the eGov doc draft.
> Some quick comments follow while you're wrapping up your draft comments 
> to the eGov IG.
> But first just as an FYI, in my own comments I'll be proposing a 
> TOC-level heading under "What are the main issues...?" that more 
> explicitly calls out accessibility for PWD as a significant eGov issue, 
> perhaps in place of their current 4th-tier bullet "Inclusive Access to 
> Information" which touches on the issue but somewhat more vaguely. Also, 
> I plan to suggest additional text for the accessibility topic, including 
> brief references to the extent of policy activity in accessibility and 
> mention of the significance of standards harmonization in achieving 
> accessibility-related policy goals. I may not have my own comments ready 
> till this weekend, and while I'll cc EOWG when I send them, they won't 
> be solely addressing accessibility issues.
> - For your text, two suggestions: instead of "Web Access is Essential 
> for Equal Opportunity" I suggest using "Web Accessibility is Essential 
> for... " here. It is much less ambiguous.
> - Also, the text in this paragraph is re-using stuff that I wrote and/or 
> co-wrote years ago. I generally try to use more updated phrasing these 
> days, since in many if not most countries the Web has indeed already 
> spread into most areas of society and daily life, and it has also 
> already replaced traditional resources. I don't have handy a complete 
> re-write of the paragraph at the moment, but please re-tweak the tenses 
> in this paragraph. I'm also looking at the following paragraphs in your 
> comments, some of which are also familiar wording, but I'm wondering 
> whether all of the detail here is still necessary or entirely relevant 
> for the eGov document. I wondering whether it might be replaced with 
> something more forward-looking... for the time being, given the tight 
> timeline, perhaps it is best to keep these paragraphs, with a few tweaks 
> to the first paragraph; and if I get a chance over the weekend I may 
> suggest some alternative text in my comments to the eGov IG that 
> complements the intent of your comments.
> Best,
> - Judy
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