Re: EOWG, For Review: Overview of "How People with Disabilities Use the Web"

- [DRAFT] Introduction to "How People with Disabilities Use the Web"
- EOWG minutes from 3 April 2009 <>

Here are brief replies to questions and comments sent to the list by Anna and Alan.

Purpose for this intro page:
- Provide a referenceable page with WAI site navigation, look & feel, and branding
- Provide a short intro page since the document itself is long and complex
- Provide a referenceable URI while the document is unpublished
See also "Linking to Overview pages" <>

The "How People with Disabilities Use the Web" document itself (draft at <>) will be updated as part of the WAI-AGE Project. Realistically, that won't get completed until 2010.

Other comments are being incorporated into the update draft to be posted soon...


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