Re: For review: HTML version of "Benefits of WCAG 2.0" presentation

Why not to mention specifically the benefits of WCAG 2.0 compliant web sites 
for search engines referencing ?

working on accessibility questions for 6 months,
following the EOWG discussion for some weeks.

Isabelle Motte
Researcher web accessibility
Informatics - Man Machine Iterface Unit
Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix
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Le Wednesday 24 September 2008 16:22:06, vous avez écrit :
> Sharron has completed the HTML version of the "Benefits of WCAG 2.0"
> presentation. Please review it at:
> <
> It is based on the presentation format version at:
> <
> Please check HTML, CSS, and display issues on various browsers. Please
> reply to this list saying which browsers and operating systems you checked
> it on.
> If you find browser rendering problems, typos, or other issues that do not
> need EOWG discussion, please send them to: <> AND
> <>
> Although we agreed on the content some time ago, it's common to see new
> things when you look at it again. However, we don't have much time to spend
> on this now. Therefore, if you have suggestions for content changes, please
> do send them in and *include an indication of how important you think it is
> to change*.
> Regards,
> ~Shawn

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