Prepare for 18 July teleconference - For EOWG Review: Experiences... Mobile Devices

Thank you to Jack and Sylvie for reviewing the "Experiences... Mobile Devices" documents and completing the survey, per the forwarded e-mail below.

For the 18 July teleconference, please review these and other answers in the survey results at:

Make note of any comments that need discussion; for example;
* location: title/heading 1
* current wording: "Experiences Shared by People with Disabilities and by People Using Mobile Devices"
* suggested revision: "Experiences Shared by People Using Mobile Devices and by People with Disabilities"
* rationale: At least one key person misread the title and assumed the document was about the experiences of people with disabilities using mobile devices. I wonder if switching the order would help limit this misunderstanding? Also, I think it might get broader reading and attention by putting "mobile" first, especially since it is a WAI page.

We won't go through each comment; we'll only discuss the comments that someone thinks needs discussion.


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Subject: For EOWG Review: Experiences... Mobile Devices
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Yeliz has updated the "Experiences Shared by People with Disabilities and by People Using Mobile Devices" document based on feedback from last week's EOWG teleconference.

Please review it for publication as an updated Draft. It is not intended to be complete or approved as final at this time. EOWG will have the opportunity to review and comment on future revisions of the document before it is re-published.

*Please complete the survey with your comments by 17 July if possible so that we can discuss any changes during this week's teleconference*, otherwise complete the survey by 23 July.

- Survey:

- Updated Table version:
- Updated Linear version:

- Changes from previous version:
- Minutes from EOWG last week:



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