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Swan, Henny wrote:
> Hi all,
> Eric, interesting point about having the generic advice on how to fix
> identified problems in a separate document to the Evaluation Report. I
> agree that having a separate document is useful as much information is
> often repeated. However, an evaluation can also be intended to provide
> targeted advice on how to fix issues specific to the site identified
> during an audit. Due to this we offer clients both types of evaluation;
> a  full evaluation ("See it Right audit") and "summary overview". 
> The "See it Right audit" takes a partial approach to the one suggested
> by Eric. The deliverables are in three documents:
> 1. A background document outlining generic fixes for issues 
> 2. An audit report outlining specific fixes for identified issues in the
> site 
> 3. A summary document

For reference, Communis split full evaluations into six documents:
1) a single page managemenent summary
2) a web manager's report detailing general problems found on the site 
as a whole, priority of resolving each, resource likely to be required 
to solve it (both hours and expertise level)
3) a page-by-page audit where we set out passes and fails for a 
representative set of pages against each checkpoint plus a general 
experiential summary for each page, and round off with an overall matrix 
of pass/fails (and not-applicables).
4) User testing report of get-to-goals tests with 6-12 testers (drawn 
from users with moderate vision impairments, severe vision impairments 
and manual motor impairments, and with a mix of young/old/male/female 
5) A solutions document which sets out recommended solutions to each of 
the accessibility problems highlighted in the page-by-page audit and the 
user testing.
6) Worked up commented html templates showing suggested solutions in 

Thus 1) and 2) can be used for strategic planning, 3) can be used as the 
audit, with 4), 5) and 6) as the consultative advice.

We also offer 'help-desk' and formal training support as a follow-up.

There are, however, many ways to skin a cat, and I think Shadi's present 
method is perfectly appropriate to the aims of the Before and After 

Regards all


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